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The Clear Sky

The theme song of Little Prince is Depressed

Depressed Little Prince travelled around in town. When he set off, he thought it must be a lonely journal; finally he was surprised to realise that he was never alone.


He consulted the Therapist and was given directions to help his body and heart.

He visited the Mind Gym and strengthened his psychological fitness.

He passed by the Sharing Garden to share his problems with others and to learn others’ experiences.

He went to the Echo Valley where he yelled and received an immediate response in return.

He walked through the Door to Answers which had blown out the questions in his mind.


Depressed Little Prince returned to where the storm once roared. Looking around, He found that everything was staying the same as it was yet everyone now seemed more beautiful. The spot where tears were dropped had grown precious crystals that sparkled and glittered.

Depressed Little Prince could feel the tranquil inside him. The haze disappeared. He was happy to see the clear blue sky again.

Depressed Little Prince’s was smiling again.


“Oh! My dear Prince,” it was the same voice again. “You have recovered from the emotional flu!”

Yes, thank you. But……, who are you?” If you were Depressed Little Prince, you should know who had always been there to help and to care.

“Don’t say that. It was all about your courage and efforts. Once you made up your mind to open up, to seek help, and to accept help, you would eventually win the battle. My beloved Prince, I’m proud of you!”


Depressed Little Prince recalled the golden beam he saw at “One Step Hill”. It was like the hand of a caring friend.


“Come on! The best is yet to come!”


Depressed Little Prince took his protective robe off and held the wand firmly. He was gazing at the vivid and dazzling paths ahead. He moved his feet and confidently went down the path he had chosen for himself.


Hesitate no more! Step out, my friend!

Presented by

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention

Faculty of Social Sciences

The University of Hong Kong

Sponsored by

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Executive Producer

傅景華 King-wa Fu


歐陽業俊 Pasu Au Yeung

Creative Idea and Copywriting

游思行 You See Hand, Jessie

Creative Design and Artwork


歐陽業俊 Pasu Au Yeung
OP BMG Music Publishing Hong Kong Limited

English Translation:

Justin Siu
Fiona Yuen
游思行 You See Hand, Jessie


Prof. Dominic Lee
Dr. Mao Sheung Ran
Natalie Tong
Paul Wong

All members of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention for their invaluable support and input

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