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General Idea
Counselling vs Medication

Counselling, or drug treatments, or having both at the same time, can help people with depressive symptoms. With the right treatment, most sufferers feel better in a few weeks.

Short-term counselling involves a professional counsellor to share with you your feelings. It helps to improve your interpersonal relationships, thinking style and behaviours, and thus helps relieve psychological depressive symptoms.

Drugs can reduce physiological depressive symptoms effectively, and they are non-addictive. Your physician will examine your situation, and prescribe the best medication for you.

How to Choose the Right Treatment

The best treatment for you is probably the most effective while producing the least side effects. It should be left to the professionals who would decide which treatment methods would best fit you after assessing your situation. For some mild sufferers, counselling alone is sufficient. Drugs are useful for moderate to severe sufferers. If both methods are to be used, drugs provide symptomatic relieves in a short run, while counselling deals with your life problems.

Understanding the Treatments:

Counselling Therapies
Alternative treatments yet to be proven