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The Step

Leaving the crowded city. Depressed Little Prince arrived at the “One Step Hill”.
It is the most remote, barren place in the world – he didn’t see anyone, or anything.

Depressed Little Prince gazed upon the sky. He saw nothing but the grey sky.
He stood still and pondered. He wanted to find the way out.

The grey sky didn’t give him an answer.

His tears followed. Surprisingly, at his feet, he found a stone on which he found some words:

“Mountains in Your Eyes, a Step to the Clear Sky.”

Depressed Little Prince murmured the phrase to himself repeatedly. He seemed to have realised something.

“Come over here!” a voice called from behind.

Depressed Little Prince turned to the voice and saw a mysterious golden beam.
The beam was shining on him, like an inviting hand.

Depressed Little Prince took a step forward, picked his wand up from the ground, and walked towards the voice and the beam.