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The Storm

Once upon a time, there was a Depressed Little Prince. Regardless of what goes on around him, he is depressed.


A horrible rainstorm had cruelly changed the world around him. If you knew him, you should have known how a storm it was.


The rain finally stopped, but the storm inside him had never settled. From time to time, he cried. He had almost forgotten how to smile. The sky turned grey. There was no hope, nor was there meaning. It was depressing.


Depressed Little Prince was looking for a person who could show him the way out. On the other hand, he locked himself up.


At that time, Depressed Little Prince might not know that he was merely suffering from an emotional flu. With the right directions, he would go through this easily.


“Come on!” A voice whispered.
“Depressed Little Prince, walk with me.”